Skinny But Still Driving


Rock Island, IL

“Perhaps by devoting more and more of our already abused cropland to fuel production,” said Wendell Berry in “Faustian Economics” (Harper’s, May 2008), “we will at last cure ourselves of obesity and become fashionably skeletal, hungry but–thank God!–still driving.”

And now from the Earth Policy Institute:

“The 107 million tons of grain that went to U.S. ethanol distilleries in 2009 was enough to feed 330 million people for one year at average world consumption levels. More than a quarter of the total U.S. grain crop was turned into ethanol to fuel cars last year. With 200 ethanol distilleries in the country set up to transform food into fuel, the amount of grain processed has tripled since 2004.”

Et alibi: “The amount of grain needed to fill the tank of an SUV with ethanol just once can feed one person for an entire year.”

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