Deneen, Pangle, Walzer


The American Political Science Association recently published in its journal PS the results of a survey of political theorists in America. Respondents were asked in one instance to name “scholars doing excellent work today whose work will be influential during the next 20 years.” Topping the list was Chicago’s Patchen Markell, who I confess I hadn’t heard of prior to reading the survey. Most of the other names on the list were known to me, including our own Patrick Deneen, who came in at #12, tied in votes with Michael Walzer and Thomas Pangle. The pomocon’s Peter Lawler had half as many votes as Deneen, but I’m not sure whether I should interpret that as a sign of a disciplinary-wide embrace of Porcher ethics or not. No doubt Patrick will modestly point out that the fact he received nearly four times as many votes as Alasdair MacIntyre as a flaw in the survey; and since (in the interest of full disclosure) I received no votes in the survey I am immodestly inclined to believe it’s flawed. we may be in agreement. Nonetheless, the survey is an encouraging sign the important work Patrick is doing is not going by unnoticed, and one hopes it means the Porch may attract more passers-by. Kudos.

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