Taking the Porch to Salina, Kansas

Rumor has it there will be Front Porchers attending this year’s Prairie Festival (Sept. 24-26) at Wes Jackson’s Land Institute in Salina, Kansas. It so happens that two tutelary spirits of localism, Wendell Berry and Scott Russell Sanders, are on the ticket. This isn’t one to miss.

So I’m making the trek with a couple dozen students. As is our custom, we’ll camp on the grounds there and whip us up one rip-roarin’ good time.

If you decide to go, make yourself known in the flesh. My tent has a B-A. F.P. (but no rocking chairs).

Photo: Augustana Students and Yours Truly (front right) with Wendell Berry at the Land Institute a few years back

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  1. Kyle:

    I plan to be there the better part of Saturday. Should be great.

  2. Russell Arben Fox:

    Assuming my wife and two oldest daughters survive the drive back to Wichita from Kansas City and a viewing of the “So You Think You Can Dance” touring company late the previous evening (yes, that is the sort of thing my wife is into, and yes, I will will kick your ass if you mock her for it), then I’ll be there by about 10am Saturday morning, in time to hear Mr. Berry speak. I don’t want to miss that! And assuming Mr. Peters does not accidentally burn the place down, I suppose I’ll look for him too. Keep an eye out me; I’ll be the one dressed like a Marxist.

  3. Josh Ney:

    For those in the Kansas City area, Mr. Berry will be speaking about “Andy Catlett: Early Travels” at the Country Club Christian Church in Kansas City on this Thursday (September 23) before he heads to the Prairie Festival. More info here: http://eventful.com/kansascity/events/author-wendell-berry-speak-country-club-/E0-001-033259104-4

  4. D.W. Sabin:

    Everybody should take a few moments and read the 50 Year Farm Bill on the Land Institute’s web site..if they have not done so already. What was the Congressional Response?…aside from general pleasant befuddlement. Anybody know?

    As for you Peters, buy a damned belt would ya, one never knows when the Farmall might tip over, cause a compound fracture and you’d need a tourniquet. In your case, the percentage of single malt anti-coagulant coursing through that cloaca of yours makes this doubly important.

  5. Anamaria:

    In the future, please post events like this a bit earlier! If I had known about it a month ago (I live close enough to go), I would be there, but a week and a half in advance is not enough to rearrange my schedule.

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