New Year’s Dissolution

Rock Island, IL

You can actually hear the federal coffers expanding with all that increased revenue from the tax-cut extensions. Everywhere you look altruistic rich people (but I repeat myself!) are floating their wealth, creating scads of well-paying domestic jobs, and making it possible for moms to stay at home to promote such family values as greed, which leads to wealth, which begets charity.

Is it any wonder that a 7 and 9 team is heading to the playoffs as an NFL conference champion—with home-field advantage in the first round? We are living in amazing times.

And the new Congress. I mean, ’nuff said—though it bears repeating that, what with Mitch McConnell’s having The Party’s the country’s best interests firmly and publicly at heart, it is morning in America once again. Thank God. And God bless America.

Yes indeed. The year of our Lord 2011 is looking mighty promising. I’m as sanguine as Eeyore on the Eve of St. Lucy’s. I could almost expect the writing skills of the average undergraduate male to move up two whole levels. Look out, fourth graders!

Meantime, all those great things that will keep the greatest nation on earth great—I’m talking about the amazing technological breakthroughs now on the horizon (which is the utopiest of all utopias)—will cease being theoretical and become actual, because they will. Here in America there’s no such thing as a problem that isn’t a technological problem.

Take wind. Any day now you will see wind power building wind turbines. You’ll see wind power transporting wind turbine components down the highway. And you’ll see wind power erecting, repairing, and replacing wind turbines. Next up: wind power maintaining our Interstate Highway and Defense System. Wind-powered cranes. Bulldozers. The mind boggles.

Or take that great fund of organic capital: topsoil. Right now scientists are waging a two-front war on topsoil erosion. On the one front they are figuring out how to harvest topsoil from the mouths of rivers and haul it back to Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, and the White House vegetable garden. Their efforts will allow us to continue to farm as we were evolved to: by keeping as many people as possible off the farm and by doing no work.

(True, the efforts of these scientists assume a steady supply of cheap oil. But remember the advances made in wind power.)

On the other front scientists are inventing topsoil in laboratories. Huge quantities of it. Topsoil by the test tubes. Come Bowl Season 2011, we’ll be eating plenty. Count on it. Doritos aren’t going away any time soon.

Or take the moral, intellectual, and civic capital of the nation, built up over time and kept in store for such lean times as some benighted folk think we’re living in now. That we have been writing checks against these funds while contributing nothing to them is a Chicken-Little scare-tactic perpetrated by a bunch of over-educated hairshirts. I instance this moron Deneen and his pals Mitchell and Kauffman, who desecrate the Internet with anti-progressive virtue-claptrap cloaked in family-community-localist bullroar. Not a one of them owns a Wii. Not a one of them knows the truth about American history. They couldn’t begin to care about the rockets’ red glare.

Attention Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego: our moral, intellectual, and civic capital is robust. He-llo-oh! We’re solvent. Look around you. Kids everywhere are more tolerant than ever. What does that tell you?

What I’m saying is that two-thousand eleven is going to be awesome. First of all, oil prices are going to drop, because we live in the land of Lowest Prices Always. And, as a result, production of light trucks and SUVs is going to rise. The streets of Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Miami are going to get all the four-wheel-drive vehicles they need. Rest assured and bring on the snow.

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