And Now For a Little Abstinence

But first we must know, we must get it into our heads, that the world is made thus, made not of objects or idols (for they have no insides) but of images, images that bear the stamp of something else. And we must treat these images—we must treat the world—not with contempt but with reverence. We must embrace them. It is even fitting that we should kiss them, as in a few days we will.

I knock back the last of the water, loving it for what it is and for what it is not but especially for what else it is. And what do we hear in one of the canticles appointed for tonight? “O my soul, pass through the flowing waters of time like the Ark of old, and take possession of the land of promise.”

(But hurry up, will you?)

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  1. Robert:

    May you have a blessed and beneficial Fast, Dr. Peters.

  2. Rob G:

    Being of the same persuasion as you, Dr. Peters, I went out with a gang of Papists on Saturday evening and celebrated Samedi Gras with Full Pint Deuce Brown Ale and Victory Headwaters Pale, seeing that Fuller’s ESB, my desert island brew of choice, was making no appearance on any taps within a reasonable driving distance.

    BTW, if you’re ever in Pittsburgh, and it’s not Lent, we’ve got what is widely considered the best Belgian beer pub in the U.S., and mirabile dictu, they do half-price Belgian drafts daily during happy hour.

    And now, onward to the arena. A blessed Lent!

  3. Anamaria:

    First day of the fast for me, and I came to FPR solely in the anticipation of Jason Peters’ words on Lent. They did not disappoint. Thank you.

  4. Jeff Polet:

    Neither did the oatmeal stout disappoint. Whatever I can do to help those Eastern schismatics get ready for Lent, I am willing to do.

    Hope does not disappoint.

  5. Rob G:

    Jeff, whose oatmeal stout were you drinking? I got spoiled early on, as the first one I ever tried was Samuel Smith’s, and I tend to judge all by that standard. Nothing so far lives up.

  6. D.W. Sabin:

    Johnson was also reported as saying “Boswell, you rueful sot, hand that Port over lest I be forced to tell you of the time when it was discovered that fasting is the last refuge of the starved and that furthermore, you sycophantic foppish nincompoop, no sooner than you can place a proper Devon clotted cream next to a Somerset one of equal quality that they shall each commence to think the other is superior to themselves”.

    Then, inasmuch as he was chewing, sloshing another gulp of Madeira down his incessantly mewling gullet before resonantly belching, the rest of the comment was indecipherable. Boswell, of course thought it melodic nonetheless.

  7. Jason Peters:

    Rob G: Local oatmeal stout, by God!

  8. Rob G:

    Excellent. We have a good local stout here too, although there’s no use (or abuse) of oats involved. And despite being brewed with molasses, for some reason it’s not sweet like you’d think it’d be.

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  11. G. Koefoed:

    Very well put. This year the Latin Ash Wednesday fell on my birthday. There is nothing like being reminded that “dust you are and to dust you shall return” on the day of your birth. There is also nothing like being able to conveniently slide celebration back to Fat Tuesday.

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