Sons of Bill

By Peter Daniel Haworth for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

Porchers who love of place and tradition will find solidarity with a new country-rock band from the land of Charlottesville, Virginia. The band’s name, SONS OF BILL, derives from the love that three-band Brothers Wilson have for their father who also happens to be University of Virginia’s beloved Professor and Dean, Bill Wilson. As stated on the S.O.B. web site, Bill “taught them how play the guitar, write songs, drive a stick-shift, and back up a trailer.”  If the Wilson’s obvious love for one another and their traditions is not enough to win you, their celebration of place should close the deal. Here are lyrics from S.O.B.’s “Going Home”:

I’ve traveled 900 miles, and got 100 more to go
I’m searching for the steel guitar on AM radio
I can smell the Jasmine and honey suckle on the vine
I get that old familiar feeling rolling south down 29


I’m going home
I’m going home
I’m going home


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