Confederational American Political Thought in Seattle

By Peter Daniel Haworth for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

Many readers will be interested in a short course and working group being conducted at the APSA Conference in Seattle (September 1-4) . These forums will address themes in Confederational Thought and their relation to American History. Presenters include Gregory Butler, Jeff Polet, Nathan Coleman, Sean Busick, Joseph Devaney, and myself. Registration is free, so just enroll here for the course and here for the group.

Confederational Thought is the body of theory addressing the concepts of union and/or the cooperation among sovereign political units. The working group will be an open seminar-discussion of relevant historical and philosophical themes. Whereas, the short course will address the specific topics listed below:

1: Background of Federalism: From Imperial Structure to Imperial Crisis, 1600-1765

2: Confederation to 10th Amendment, 1775-1791

3: State Sovereignty in the early federal republic,1789-1828

4: The Marshall Court, 1801-1835

5: From Crisis to Crisis: 1828-1850

6: The Civil War, Reconstruction, and the end of State Sovereignty?: 1850-1890

7: The Progressive Movement: 1890-1932

8: The New Deal and Liberal America, 1932-1980

9: Cold War and the National Security State, 1945-1990

10: Age of Reagan, the Federalism Revolution, and the War on Terror, 1981-2012

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