Introduction to J-Street: A Moderate Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

By Peter Daniel Haworth for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

Porch readers might be interested in J-Street, a non-profit organization dedicated to realizing an equitable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. J-Street identifies itself as representing “primarily but not exclusively Jewish” Americans who “support Israel and its desire for security as the Jewish homeland, as well as the right of the Palestinians to a sovereign state of their own – two states living side-by-side in peace and security. We believe ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is in the best interests of Israel, the United States, the Palestinians, and the region as a whole.”

Given all the recent political footballing on this issue by various presidential candidates, organizations like J-Street provide a sane and moderate alternative to an international problem that entails profound localist concerns: two ethnic people-groups with traditional ties to the same relatively small geographical place. Can these two nations find an equitable solution that allows each to reside in and freely enjoy the same land of their different fathers? This seems like a problem that should be actively considered on the Porch.



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