Kozinski Critiques Lockean Liberalism

FPR readers will be interested in Thaddeus Kozinski’s critique of using Lockean Liberalism to counter the Obama Administration’s new controversial birth control mandates. In the essay, Kozinski emphasizes the obvious limits of such a “pragmatic” strategy: acting in accordance with one’s religious beliefs is often limited by the liberal state (e.g., laws against polygamy, peyote, etc.) , so the efficacy of appealing to religious freedom in order to combat would-be state restrictions on Catholic practices may be quite truncated. Regardless of whether readers ultimately agree with Kozinski’s advocacy of employing Catholic principles and natural law to justify public policy within a our extremely large (if not bloated) de facto unitary system, the essay contains insights that will help one further consider facets of this controversy.

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  1. JA:

    Just a heads up: Mr. Kozinski has also been engaging the comments section following Deneen’s recent article on the same topic.

  2. Thaddeus Kozinski:


    Would you e-mail me? I’d like to get in touch with you. [email protected]. thanks.


  3. Siarlys Jenkins:

    The impact of Lockean liberalism on the workplace depends on which side of the class struggle one views it from. Should we be more concerned with the employees’ option to use their compensation as they see fit, or should we be more concerned with the employers’ option not to dirty their hands with complicity in sin?

    With or without reference to Lockean liberalism, I come down on the side of the employees, not the side of the employers. Freedom of religion, as it has been expounded and applied in First Amendment jurisprudence, has nothing to do with the HHS regulations.

  4. Jason Joseph:

    Nicholas Peters’ response to Deneen and Kozinski:

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