Lent Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Too busy to stop and smell the ashes? Get them at the drive-thru.

Make a thing relevant and you’ll render it trivial.

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  1. Kevin:

    Another sighting:
    My wife was walking near Depaul University (a Catholic Institution) in Chicago yesterday, and saw priests administering the ashes to students exiting the train at the El stop.

  2. Gabe Ruth:

    It’s like nobody ever even heard of Bonhoeffer. At the mass I attended they ashed the flock at the beginning, so people that had more important things to do could get on with it, I guess.

  3. Fleur D. Lee:

    Coming next year: the equivalent of carbon credits for fasting. Some nice ascetic in upstate New York gives up meat, while you make a donation to an approved organization and get the credit.

  4. Take-out Death Eaters | Front Porch Republic:

    [...] if drive-through Ash Wednesday services weren’t enough, the Dutch have finally invented mobile euthanasia [...]

  5. robert m. peters:

    Long it will not be until the ashes can be administered in “public” schools and other “public” places; for the secularized proponents thereof will be able to say with a “clear” conscience that administering the ashes has no meaning of Faith but is merely an interesting artifact of tradition which we should keep such as the Easter Bunny. Some in the “Christian” community will call that “a victory for our side.”

  6. Turnip Ghost:

    You mean it’s not trivial now? Compare those cultures and societies and nations that do this with agnostic and atheist places. Would you prefer to live in Mexico or Finland?

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