Health Care and the Deficit


In light of the Porch’s recent good luck—a PomoCon has been kind enough in the comments here to instruct us on the upcoming general election—it bears mentioning that the Congressional Budget Office has come out with a report claiming that the President’s health-care overhaul will in fact decrease the national deficit and that repealing the overhaul will actually increase it.

(In a surprising turn of events, tax-and-spend atheist Democrats have praised the report, whereas rape-and pillage devil-hating Republicans have condemned it and vowed to repeal the overhaul anyway.)

I say nothing for the moment of whether health care is the federal government’s business, only that the news is problematic for card-carrying Republicans, who, as Joe Bageant once put it, “honestly tell the world: ‘Listen in on my phone calls, piss-test me until I’m blind, kill and eat all of my neighbors right in front of my eyes, but show me the money! Let me escape with every cent I can kick out of the suckers, the taxpayers, and anybody else I can get a headlock on, legally or otherwise.’”

(To be fair to Bageant, I should add that he was an equal-opportunity destroyer: “Democrats, in contrast, seem content to catalog the GOP’s outrages against the Republic, showing proper indignation while laughing at episodes of The Daily Show. But they stand behind the American brand: imperialism. They ‘support our troops,’ though you will be hard put to find any of them who have served alongside them or who would send one of their own kids off to lose an eye or an arm in Iraq. They play the imperial game, maintain their credit ratings, and plan to keep the beach house and the retirement investments if it means sacrificing every damned Lynndie England in West Virginia.”)

Anyway, I do hope that as we inch closer to November several more right-thinking souls will deign to visit the Porch with additional advice from the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Republican Party.

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