Statists worry about the rise of Anti-Federalism

By Peter Daniel Haworth for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

As many FPR readers already know, Anti-Federalism is a polemical misnomer that was given to the opponents of the 1787 Constitution who were, if anything, more truly committed to real federalism or confederationism as these terms were understood in late Eighteenth Century America. Well, now we see advocates of the conventional American nation-state warning against what they see to be the dangerous rise of “Anti-Federalists” in our contemporary political culture; see The Washington Times article here.  The analysis of the Hobbesian commitment to an expansive, centralist American nation-state has partially been conducted on FPR– e.g., Robert Peters recent comment responding to “It’s the Rights Culture, not the Gun Culture.”  The above mentioned article regarding the West Point think-tank warning against contemporary Anti-Federalism points to another example of Hobbesianism in the zeitgeist. H/T: Drudge Report.

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