July Fourth Reflections on the Declaration of Independence

By Peter Daniel Haworth for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

Given the dominant influence of Lincolnian interpretations of the Declaration of Independence, I try to do my small part on July 4th not only to cry FOUL, but also to point readers toward alternative and, in my mind, superior understandings of this document and its relation to historically accurate Constitutionalism. In this effort, I encourage FPR readers to peruse the following links: (1) Professors Sean Busick and Lee Cheek’s article on the Declaration; (2) Doctoral Candidate Benjamin David Clark’s reflections on these topics; and (3) Kevin Gutzman’s article on the same. Please enjoy, but also soberly realize how far we have fallen from the true republicanism, steeped in local-liberty that characterized the first half of American history.

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