Nomocracy In Politics

By Peter Daniel Haworth for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

FPR readers can now enjoy another web magazine that complements the already excellent work of the Front Porch Republic. Nomocracy In Politics is a new website that explores Liberty, Prudence, Imperfection, and Law. These core themes will be examined via topics in Politics, Law, and History. Nomocracy In Politics seeks to make a unique contribution to American public discourse and debate through addressing many topics that are often insufficiently examined by conventional media. If you desire reading essays, reviews, and blog-posts that challenge common neoconservative, nationalist-libertarian, Straussian, and other mainline perspectives, then please visit Nomocracy In Politics. Our team of writers and editors include notable scholars such as Kevin Gutzman, Barry Shain, Lee Cheek, Sean Busick, Donald Livingston, Clyde Wilson, Carey Roberts, Joe Devaney, and many more.

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