Stick a Fork in Brown University


Or else just fork it, because here’s what a once august (In Deo Speramus), now clueless, institution is up to:

Brown University is set to hold an event on Thursday aimed at teaching its male students how to find sexual pleasure from their prostates. The workshop, entitled “The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure,” will be conducted by sexologist Charlie Glickman and promises to show attendees “how much fun prostate stimulation can be.”

It gets funner:

Brown also hosted a “Fornication 101” seminar … which included topics such as “putting condoms on with your mouth,” “petting kitties,” and “anal adventures.”

The funding? “The events are part of Brown University’s annual sex week, paid for by the student activities office.”

Here’s the good news. At last we have a real reason to use all the permitted educational jargon: life-long learning, high-impact strategies, best practices, skills and dispositions, student-centered outcomes, assassment.

If we are at a crux in education, perhaps chiasmus is called for:

Teaching students to flog publicly more,
Which, erstwhile, we publicly flogged them for.

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