James Matthew Wilson

James Matthew Wilson teaches in the Department of Humanities and Augustinian Traditions at Villanova University. He has authored many essays on philosophical-theology and literature, and the monograph Timothy Steele: A Critical Introduction (Story Line Press, 2012).  A poet, and critic of contemporary poetry, his work has appeared in such magazines as The Dark Horse, Modern Age, Lucid Rhythms, First Things, and Measure; his first chapbook of poems, Four Verse Letters (Franciscan University at Steubenville Press) was published in 2010, and a new chapbook, The Violent and the Fallen (available here), in 2013.  In 2014, Wiseblood Books will release, Some Permanent Things, and The Catholic Imagination in Modern American Poetry. For several years, he penned a regular column, The Treasonous Clerk, which was published, first, in the University of Notre Dame’s campus paper, and, subsequently, in ISI’s  First Principles.

Raised in the Great Lakes State, baptised in the parish of St. Thomas Aquinas, seasoned by summers on Lake Wawasee (Indiana), and educated under the Golden Dome, Wilson is scion of a family of Hoosiers dating back to the early nineteenth century, and an offspring of Southside Chicago Poles whose tavern kept the city wet through the Depression (and prohibition) years.  He now lives under the same sentence of reluctant exile as many another native son of the Midwest, but has dug himself in for good on the margins of the Main Line in Pennsylvania with his beautiful wife, dangerous daughter, and saintly sons.

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