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  1. Robert Cheeks:


    You old Yankee, how’s things?

    Ain’t heard hide nor hair from you in a while!

    Yours in Christ,

  2. alpenrose:

    Dear Mr. Sabin:

    I would like to send a copy of my husband’s book to the group at Front Porch. The book is considered by some to be the Rosetta Stone in the current discussion about design and systems thinking. He is a fifth generation native son of Montana, who received two degrees in architecture, and then completed his doctorate “with distinction” at Cal. His 1979 thesis was about the impact of natural resource development on rural communities. He has wondered into organizational systems and design, but I hope to draw him back to his roots! We live now in Montana. I think he would make an enjoyable and important contribution to the FP. Thank you.

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