Mary Berry Smith


Mary Berry Smith is a Henry County Kentucky native. She and her husband Chuck have lived and farmed on a 180 acre farm for almost 30 years. They are both from families that have farmed in Henry County for generations.Mary and Chuck have three daughters: Katie 28, Virginia 25, and Tanya 20. Katie and Virginia are teachers and Tanya is a sophomore at Hanover College in Indiana. All three daughters also work on their parent’s farm.

Mary and Chuck started out farming as conventional dairy and tobacco farmers. When it became clear that conventional farming was not improving their farm, or paying it off, they began a change that is ongoing. Along the way they raised rotationally grazed organic beef, organic vegetables for a CSA and for Farmers’ Markets in Louisville, and pastured poultry. When the tobacco program ended, grapes took tobacco’s place and Smith-Berry Vineyard and Winery opened. Chuck is the wine maker and is making 19 wines mostly from the French Hybrids and American Grapes he is raising. The family still raises vegetables for their own use and for the cooking Mary does for dinners at the winery. There are still beef cattle on the farm and and sheep to do the mowing in the vineyard.

Their desire has always been to pass on a healthy farm to their daughters. So far, so good.

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