Susan McWilliams

Susan McWilliams is Associate Professor of Politics at Pomona College in Claremont, CA. She is the author of Traveling Back: Toward a Global Political Theory (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

Legitimized Rapes

Claremont, CA.  In Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, the hero Howard Roark violently rapes a woman named Dominique, forcing her into submission “like a master taking shameful, contemptuous possession” of a slave. “She tried to tear herself away ...

On Competitiveness

“Competitiveness” is the new “proactive” – the word, to paraphrase The Simpsons, that dumb people are using to sound important. Or, more precisely, it’s the word that ostensibly smart people are using to try to cover up really dumb thinking...

Why We’re Gaga for Gaga

For all the unpredictability of her outfits, there is one thing that has been quite predictable about her work: Gaga’s constant equation of love with violence and humiliation.

The Social Network Fantasy

In today’s Los Angeles Times, Neil Gabler has an insightful piece on the way in which the “gang of friends” has become the dominant social group on American television.

Not a “Modern Family” At All

Claremont, CA. ABC’s hit series “Modern Family” has returned to the air for its second season. It’s the “modern” elements of the “Modern Family” that you’re supposed to notice right away. The family patriarch, Jay, has divorced his children...

Your Huddled Masses, Yearning To Make Par

I people really want to see the current state of the union, they need to take a look at my favorite part of Liberty State Park, which is the fact that it recently has been bisected – rent in two – by the Liberty National Golf Course.