Allen Mendenhall

Of Bees and Boys

swingset November 1, 2012
My brother Brett and I were polite but rambunctious children who made a game of killing bees and dumping their carcasses into buckets of rainwater.  Having heard that bees, like bulls, stirred at the sight of red, we brandished red…
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Power Made Perfect in Weakness

blind person November 28, 2011
If we expect others to rely on our fairness and justice we must show that we rely on their fairness and justice. —Calvin Coolidge My wife and I recently vacationed in Florida.  One morning, over a cup of coffee and…
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John William Corrington: A Literary Conservative

john william corrington May 25, 2010
It seemed a good time to get out and leave the classroom to idiots who couldn’t learn and didn’t know better, and imbeciles who couldn’t teach and should have known better.
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