Andrew Bacevich

American Political Praxis

Aerial_view_of_the_Capitol_Hill February 11, 2014

What words best describe present-day Washington politics?  The commonplace answer, endlessly repeated by politicians themselves and media observers alike, is this:  dysfunction, gridlock, partisanship, and incivility.  Yet here’s a far more accurate term:  tacit consensus.  Where Republicans and Democrats disagree,…

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God and Country

God and country December 7, 2012

The splendid university where I’ve been privileged to spend the past semester proudly proclaims its commitment to “God, Country, Notre Dame” and means what it says.  If not identical, God’s purposes and America’s purposes are at least compatible and Notre…

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After Romney: Republican Soul-Searching

romney November 14, 2012

These remarks were delivered before the Notre Dame College Republicans at a panel devoted to discussing the future of the Republican Party. 
As an independent, I am not especially interested in the fortunes of either party.
I am interested in…

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