Ashley Trim

Big Society: Can the Britons “Build That”?

David-Cameron-RSA-speech-17-01-11 August 6, 2012
The place is Great Britain; the year is 2011. Years of economic downturn have brought the unsustainability of government-funded social services to a crisis point. Prime Minister David Cameron re-launches his “Big Society” platform (several times) calling for a greater…
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Front Porch Revival?

November 21, 2011
The Atlantic Cities blog this month takes a look at a quarterly home design trend survey from the American Institute of Architects.  Apparently in hard economic times, homeowners have different priorities when it comes to what they want from their…
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The Primary Error of Early English Education

reading August 29, 2011
During my brief foray into public education, I taught a group of seventh-graders a typical lesson from a standard middle school literature textbook: we read a chapter from Ramsey Ullman’s Banner in the Sky and traced its rising action, climax,…
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Blogs to keep an eye on

May 6, 2011
At the Davenport Institute for Civic Engagement and Public Leadership at the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy, we’ve launched three blog sites relating to public participation in governance. “Gov 2.0 Watch” will keep abreast of developments relating to the…
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Waiting for Superman, and a Real Conversation

superman November 29, 2010
The film describes a good education as one which prepares students for the high-tech jobs available in 21st Century America. A few union supporters have objected that the purpose of education is much broader than vocational training: that it is fundamental to the growth of the child, not as an employee, but as a person.
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Whatever Happened to Community in Childcare?

November 24, 2010
What says more about our culture than who we entrust our children to?
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