Brian Kaller

Conversations with Bronze Age Warlords

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 6.58.37 PM April 28, 2015
Pop quiz: What ancient Greek legend begins with the kidnapping of Helen of Troy, and ends with Greeks sneaking into Troy inside a hollow wooden horse? If you said “The Iliad,” you’re wrong, as I discovered reading trying…
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The Real Social Network

graveyard_picture_5 February 4, 2014
The other night I saw the end of a life well-lived. I didn’t know him; I just saw his funeral. My bus rolled through the dark night I was riding the bus from my job in Dublin to our home…
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Horse Burgers and the Lives of Others

horse April 30, 2013
If you could boil our global problems down to seven words, they might be these: we don’t see where stuff comes from. Most of us grew up staring at glowing rectangles without ever seeing a coal-powered turbine. We blithely…
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Classic Cinema and Our Future

grouchomarx6 November 4, 2011
I want to see films for all ages, devoid of hip countercultural irony. I want to see low-budget teleplays in which today’s equivalent of Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland put on a show to raise money to build allotments in the old park, a new series of Dead End Kids movies in which modern versions of Tommy and Milty cajole the neighbourhood association to allow pigs in the vacant lot.
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December 4, 2009
County Kildare, Ireland. A couple I know – we’ll call them Bob and Nancy — lived in a century-old house in the middle of their town, a few miles from their jobs and surrounded by long-time neighbours. When the last…
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