Darryl Hart

Accreditation to the Rescue (for real?)

blanshard July 14, 2014
Hillsdale, Michigan. I am a little late to the surge of 1s and 0s in response to Peter Conn’s less than tepid essay about faith and higher education. The gist of his gripe is the well-worn Voltairian notion that faith…
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Who Knew Independence Could Be This Easy?

scottihboy260_tcm4-690612 July 3, 2014
Hillsdale, Michigan: While Americans are gearing up for fireworks, automobile sales, and burnt hot dogs, the Scots are debating whether to declare their independence from the United Kingdom.   It took Americans one revolutionary war to gain autonomy from…
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Can We (not) Talk?

large_tomlincry January 13, 2014
Hillsdale, Michigan.   Patrick Deneen posted a vigorous rejoinder to pro-free market critics of Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium. Deneen’s takedown of Rush Limbaugh got me thinking less about the substance of the pope’s thoughts than about the form –…
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Has This Guy Never Heard of Downton Abbey?

Jodie-Cook_1921274i December 17, 2013
Hillsdale, Mich. Jack Rakove reviews Yuval Levin’s The Great Debate: Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine, and the Birth of Right and Left (finder’s fee to John Fea) and can’t figure out why some Americans like Burke: Levin also argues that, in…
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Too Big To Fix

cernan_moon October 20, 2013
Hillsdale, Mich. Misery loves company, they say, but maybe not if the company is Comcast. Yes, I have returned to a subject of previous kvetching, though this time I am commiserating the difficulties that my favorite Chestnut Hill columnist recently…
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You Did Build That and You’re Receiving a Builder’s Discount

uga-fans October 18, 2013
Hillsdale, Michigan. Thanks to Comcast (who says I never thank them), I noticed a headline from the Daily Beast today about the 20 most affordable colleges. The hook was trying to find a metric that would take all costs…
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Water Cooler Republic?

yarrow-golf-005 August 18, 2013
Hillsdale, Michigan. Sports is not one of the topics that regularly comes up on the Front Porch. Human flourishing, whatever that possibly could be this side of the Garden of Eden, would appear to have little to do with the…
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How To Talk About Race

reece August 9, 2013
Hillsdale, Michigan. After the George Zimmerman verdict, President Obama talked about the need for a conversation on race in the United States. He also made the sensible observation that such a conversation shouldn’t be facilitated by government: I haven’t seen…
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Do Protestants Belong?

Marburger-Religionsgespräch June 25, 2013
Hillsdale, Mich. Ever since I have lived, moved, and had my being in conservative circles, I have encountered an unspoken ambivalence about Protestantism. (Truth in advertising: I am a Reformed Protestant, Calvinist for the church-history challenged; worse, I belong to…
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The Bar Jester Not Only Is But Sounds Funny

May 9, 2013
Find out why here (thanks John Fea).…
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Second-Hand Sex

1354114_cherub April 2, 2013
Hillsdale, Michigan. Perhaps it is a function of having been reared by two alums of Bob Jones University — where, let’s be clear, I did NOT go — but I continue to be amazed by the modern West’s nonchalance…
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The Wonder of Liberal Education

Septem-artes-liberales February 25, 2013
Having had a day off last week in honor of the past presidents, I am loathe to disagree with former presidents (in this case, of the American Historical Association). But a post on the value of liberal education (via John…
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The Learning and Limits of Libraries

office library January 17, 2013
Three articles recently caught my eye, all of which having to do with scholars’ fame, only two having to do with their libraries. The bookless one involved a professor of history at the University of York who blamed the victims…
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From Culture to Party Wars?

January 1, 2013
Among the various postmortem evaluations of the November election, R. R. Reno’s at First Things (“The New Secular Moral Majority,” December 2012) caught my eye: The Democratic party is very likely to become more and more dependent on Nones (20…
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Do Conservatives Need to Belong to A Minority to Get an Academic Job?

December 18, 2012
Jonathan Zimmerman thinks the answer is yes (thanks to John Fea): At Columbia University, 650 employees wrote checks for the Obama campaign, while only 21 made donations to Mitt Romney. And at Brown, 129 faculty members gave to Mr. Obama,…
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Excluding Religion from Public Life is Tricky

December 16, 2012
Protestant conservatives of the Religious Right variety may be surprised to know that the strongest arguments for undressing the public square (of religious garments) came from Protestants. Whenever Roman Catholics wanted public funds or support for parochial schools, from the…
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