D. W. Sabin

Filibustering the Filibuster

Senate-chamber March 9, 2013
Washington, Connecticut. As I watched Senator Rand Paul slurp his dripping candy bar, a sinking feeling set in. This does not diminish his determined stance but one should rightly be filled with despair at the idea that a Senator must…
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The Twenty Seven

Berni January 11, 2013
Marbledale, Ct. I was travelling back from a meeting in the Hudson Valley when the news of the Newtown Rampage reached me. The shell-shocked radio disc jockey tearfully announced the terrible news that several children had been murdered at a…
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For Lack of a Hardier Knickerbocker, the Republic Goes Tilt

albert-j-nock March 15, 2012
Washington, Ct. Classics are called such for a reason. They endure. Quite by accident frequently, for as any condemned intellectual knows, the most marketable idea prevails within the lifetime of the average intellectual, regardless of merit. Marketability does not always…
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In Beauty We Should Damn Well Trust

beautiful-land January 14, 2012
Washington, Ct. The recent contretemps between the blessedly described “liberal conservatives” at the First Things web site and our own clutch of barking mongrels here at the homespun Porch revealed that the First Things folks might consider the important arena…
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The Founding Gardeners

founding-fathers December 20, 2011
I’ve just finished Andrea Wulf’s beguiling book entitled “ Founding Gardeners, The Revolutionary Generation, Nature and the Shaping of the American Nation”. Published this year by Knopf, it delves into already well-known territory but does so in a manner highly…
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Homage to our Jailer

Irene damage 3 November 25, 2011
We lived now in a wrecked forest, but this is only the beginning.
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computer games July 8, 2011
With three children raised and fledged, we managed to avoid their seductive pox and the kids are actually grateful for it. All three of them are engaged in creative professions. Pushing buttons makes for better button pushers but an imagination comes from a combination of independent thinking and a life lived as much outside as inside.
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Requiem for the Chapel on the Farm

broken barn March 29, 2011
They say that funerals are for the living, which of course they are. The deceased, now lifeless, causes us to reflect upon their life as well as our own which remains for the moment, steadfastly ticking. This relentless winter is…
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The Family Frog Kisses a Toad

family frog January 18, 2011
Fortunately America still gives birth to her Framers and they come with every generation.
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Why I am a Member of the Permanent Opposition

spiritof76 December 16, 2010
Long live the King, somewhere damned else.
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Peace: A Word that Shanghais us on our Road to Emmaus

Bedouin_Resting October 26, 2010
Peace is a Jinn. It is that thing we are always in search of, but never enough to forget our accumulated envious resentments of those who are not like us.
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A Brief History of Time Wasted.

Gustave_Dore_Inferno34 September 11, 2010
The Ninth Anniversary of 9/11/01; Three Squared Equals Zero in the New American Math.
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Democracy as Spectacle: The Messianic Compulsions of our Republic

non-profit September 3, 2010
Americans do not need a Messiah because this nation is not Heaven on Earth.
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Too Big to Ignore

July 30, 2010
Our military is off defending Afghanistan and Iraq from themselves while our Financial Titans are rescued to live another day of utterly neglecting the welfare of the Republic.
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Gutshot in the Gulf: The Information Age Springs a Definitive Leak

oil spill July 13, 2010
This leak at the bottom of the sea is a mirror held up to our uncomprehending selves.
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The Duma on the Potomac, for the Greater Glory of Government

Duma April 22, 2010
The American Bolsheviks, on the other hand, are the mad-as-hell Tea Party with their sexpot Lenin Sarah Palin, fresh from cash-cow book tour and on a First Class Junket into Everyday Celebrity.
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