Jeremy Beer

Booth Tarkington after the Great War, ‘That Disquieted and Questioning Time’

bilde March 5, 2015
In this excerpt from America Moved: Booth Tarkington’s Memoirs of Time and Place, 1869–1928, Tarkington reflects on the changes he observed in America following the end of the Great War. Not many of the soldiers who came back to…
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Ken Myers Profiled by Andrew Ferguson

January 6, 2013
Andrew Ferguson has a very nice profile of Ken Myers, editor of the Mars Hill Audio Journal, in the most recent Weekly Standard. The interviews and commentary featured on Myers’s audio journal, writes Ferguson, are “unhurried, the discussions pretty easily…
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McCarthy on conservatism and the post-Boomer generations

August 30, 2012
Must-read stuff this morning from Dan McCarthy at the The American Conservative. Dan argues that the Gen X and the Millennial generations are not necessarily more liberal than their Boomer parents, but their conservatism has a much different inflection: Right-wing…
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The FPR conference lineup

August 10, 2012
Here is the tentative, don’t-hold-us-legally-accountable-if-it-ain’t-exactly-this-way lineup of speakers for the Front Porch Republic conference on September 15 at Hope College, in Holland, Michigan. We’ll let you know if there are any changes. Our keynote speaker, Eric Jacobsen, is the author…
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America, One Minor League Ballpark at a Time

IMG_2418 August 7, 2012
Being a report on a journey whereupon I dragged my wife to see seven minor league baseball games in seven days, as well as the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and including many other wonders seen on the road from Cleveland, Ohio, to Portland, Maine.
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FPR Annual Conference, Round 2

April 9, 2012
The place and date of Front Porch Republic’s second annual conference have been set. We’ll get together on Saturday, September 15, at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. We will once again put contemporary political, economic, and cultural institutions and…
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Rob Koons: Attacking Iran Would Be Unjust

March 7, 2012
Since the first Gulf War, it has been popular among many Christian (especially but not exclusively Catholic) conservatives to justify American military interventions via just-war theory — which conveniently always seems to come down on the side of war. These…
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Watching Walker Percy

September 10, 2011
The author of The Moviegoer would make a fascinating subject for a movie, or at least a documentary. So reasoned filmmaker Win Riley. His Walker Percy: A Documentary Film, which I have had the privilege to preview, is excellent. It’s…
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Interstate Commerce and Arizona Wine

wine August 29, 2011
The federal courts’ extraordinarily broad interpretation of the Constitution’s interstate commerce clause has long posed a problem for localists — which is to say, for community self-governance. That has never been more true than in the past two decades, when…
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Remembering Peter Stanlis

peter stanlis August 9, 2011
It was a dark and stormy night when I first met Peter Stanlis. The year was 2000. I had recently become senior editor at ISI Books, and he had just arrived for our first-ever author event. I was glad to…
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SB 1070 and the Limits of Decentralism

immigarizona-300x194 July 5, 2011
Phoenix, AZ. In the days leading up to this year’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game, which will be held in Phoenix on July 12, there is sure to be a renewed a focus on Arizona’s SB 1070, which reached its…
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A Day of Remembrance

jeep June 6, 2011
Let the memories come, as I know they will, and be done with it.
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New FPR Feature: MLB predictions that you can take to Vegas…

March 30, 2011
Spring training is over, and I find myself at loose ends. Since moving to Phoenix a few years back, this has become the saddest time of the year for me. Over the last five weeks I’ve been going to as…
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The welfare state is a package deal

March 18, 2011
A lawyer friend who specializes in this kind of thing alerts me to this decision, handed down earlier this week in the Washington, D.C., U.S. District Court, ruling that no American can opt out of Medicare without also forfeiting all…
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Dilemmas of conservatism: start with the labeling…

October 15, 2010
A new book provides profiles of seminal conservative thinkers. But Lord, please, please don't read them through the outdated narrative of traditional cons, neocons, and laissez-faire cons.
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