Jonathan David Price

Wasting Time

time January 21, 2010
A friend of mine with a penchant for self-effacement said “There’s just not enough time to get the work done and procrastinate.” It is not that he only works well under pressure, he only works under pressure. He reads voraciously in history and poetry when neglecting his dissertation, and (to be honest) drinks too many gins and tonic over good conversation. In our modern age his habits fall under the general category of wasting time, along with, well, just about everything not productive or immediately relating to a “useful” end.
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The Advantages of Dying Young

January 11, 2010
The listlessness of modern death is that you might not even get a chance to show courage before you forget who you are.
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Stopping a Streetcar with an Umbrella

December 17, 2009
It is autumn in Amsterdam and damp. The twilight is coming. I await a streetcar to take me home through the labored-over canals, the old working-class neighborhoods on the Amstel. They bear the marks of the generations’ industry, of their…
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