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The Dryers are Coming! The Dryers are Coming!

South Korea lives on the cutting edge of technology — just ask the young smart-phone zombies that slowly roam the campus where I teach. On second thought, better to send them a ‘chat’ on Kakao Talk, the messaging app that ...

On Place, Permanence, and Microbrews

“It is a pleasure to carry out one’s duties of a citizen and to receive in return a receipt or a neat styrene card with one’s name on it certifying, so to speak, one’s right to exist.” – Binx Bolling in Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer “P...

Kauffman in West Michigan

Come hear Bill Kauffman speak at Hope College on Tuesday, April 18th at 4PM in the Fried-Hemenway auditorium, located within the Martha Miller Center (corner of 10th and Columbia).