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Liberty and Circuits of the Sacred

IMG-20140118-00854 January 28, 2014

A few days ago was the first time I heard Chinese being spoken with a heavy Indian accent.  Given the tenor of our times, one might expect this to have been at some gathering of wheelers and dealers brandishing business…

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Christopher Lasch, Burke, and Pinker on Progress

November 23, 2013

The Wisdom of Christopher Lasch, Steven Pinker’s The Better Angles of Our Nature, and Edmund Burke & F.A. Hayek . . . This week Anamnesis Journal examined many important topics related to Tradition, Place, and ‘Things Divine.’ Please enjoy …

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Allen Tate, Flannery O’Connor, Michael Sandel on Money, and More

November 15, 2013

Allen Tate’s Stand, Flannery O’Connor’s Southern Catholicism, Michael Sandel on the Limits of Money, Voegelin on Gnosticism, Burke on Law and Morality, a Paleo-Libertarian Critique of Statism, Nietzsche and Natural Law . . .  Anamnesis Journal… has just

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Decentralism, the Folly of John Marshall, Lincoln Lust, and More

November 15, 2013

Centralization and How to Fight It; “Conservatives” Who Love Lincoln; the True Bill of Rights; the Folly of a John Marshall America; and Zuckert’s Unsupported Lockeanism. . . Many important political, legal, and historical issues have been discussed at Nomocracy …

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Buchanan v. Lincoln, Oakeshott, Constitutional Ideology, and More

November 8, 2013

The Dangers of Constitutional Ideology, Spontaneous Order in the American Colonies, Buchanan and Lincoln, Michael Oakeshott Against the Telocrats . . . Many important political, legal, and historical issues have been discussed at Nomocracy in Politics…. Further thoughtful analysis will

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Anti-Federalists, Custom, Calhoun, Natural Law, and More

October 30, 2013

The Anti-Federalist Constitution, Freedom & Civility or Why Custom Is as (or More) Important than Law, John C. Calhoun and the Constitution, Defining the American Political Tradition, Nomocracy in the Bible, a Moderate Approach to the Relationship Between Natural and …

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Imperial Presidency, U.S. Messianism, Binding Lincoln, and More

October 23, 2013

The Imperial Presidency, the Cost of U.S. Messianism, Criticism of Rich Lowry’s Lincoln Unbound, Jaffa Exposed, the Abandonment of Early American Ordered Liberty, and the Humility of the Declaration of Independence… . . . Many important political, legal, and historical

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It’s the Scale, Stupid

Shut down October 21, 2013

Hidden Springs Lane…. The great shutdown charade (less than 50% of workers furloughed) is over for now. However, though our leaders are patting themselves on the back for ending the stalemate and avoiding the uncertainty of default, they have

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The Old Republic, Franklin Pierce, Neoconservative Problems, Aaron Burr, the Southern Tradition, and More

October 14, 2013

The Conservative President Franklin Pierce, Ted McAllister on Neoconservative Thinking, Thomas Woods and the Old Republic, Kevin Gutzman on Aaron Burr, Donald Livingston on the Southern Political Tradition, the Mistaken “Conservatism” of Evangelical-Protestants, …. . . Many important political, legal, and

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Straussian Misconduct, States Calling an Amendment Convention, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

October 5, 2013

Exposing Straussian Misconduct; the States Initiating a Constitutional-Amendment Convention; Nomocracy and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.; A Richard Gamble Review Revealing “Demonic Patriotism”; and a Barry Shain Review of “An Unconvincing Case” for the Common Law… . . . Many important political,

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State Nullification, Supreme Court, and Jeffersonianism

September 28, 2013

State Nullification of Unconstitutional Federal Laws, Rogue Judges, Why the Supreme Court Should Behave Like a Court, Jeffersonian Reflections on Our Ills … . . . Many important political, legal, and historical issues were discussed this week at Nomocracy in Politics. Further thoughtful

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Unconstitutional Constitution Day, West Coast Straussians (Part 2), and Candor About Violating the Law and Humanity

September 20, 2013

Unconstitutional Constitution Day, West Coast Straussians (Part 2), Michael Oakeshott vs. Irving Kristol, Cato: A Tragedy, and Candor About Violating the Law and Humanity… . . . Many important political, legal, and historical issues were discussed this week at Nomocracy in Politics.

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Syria, Civil War, and Revolution

September 6, 2013

Please enjoy Nomocracy in Politics’… latest essays and blogs on Syria, the Civil War, and the American and French Revolutions:
From Joseph Stromberg’s “Authorizing the Presidential Behemoth“: “Of several world-transforming projects that made 20th–century history so red in hue, two

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War and the Constitution or War on the Constitution

August 30, 2013

“Where is George Washington’s clarity about the president’s need to secure Congressional authorization before undertaking such an offensive war policy? It has apparently been neutralized (possibly via an unmanned drone) by unitary executive advocates like John Yoo, who argue that…

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July Fourth Reflections on the Declaration of Independence

July 4, 2013

Given the dominant influence of Lincolnian interpretations of the Declaration of Independence, I try to do my small part on July 4th not only to cry FOUL, but also to point readers toward alternative and, in my mind, superior understandings…

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Harassed by the IRS? Don’t be Surprised.

wolf May 13, 2013

Hidden Springs Lane…. Americans have recently learned that certain groups seeking non-profit status were subjected to, ahem, “heightened scrutiny” by the IRS.  It seems that groups that used words like “Tea Party” and “Patriot” were singled out for rougher

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