Not Even on the Radar

December 1, 2013

In a small attempt to connect political theory to actual power, last week I sent messages to some GOP members of the U.S. Senate telling them about my new book, Politics on a Human Scale….  (It might sound self-promoting

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Politics on a Human Scale: Historiography

low-res Front Cover FPR 1 October 23, 2013

The language of “human scale” politics originated, at least in modern America, among the New Left and the Counterculture. More recently it has been adopted by traditional conservatives (appropriately enough).

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Conservatism: What’s Wrong with it and How Can We Make it Right?

Grant_Wood American_Gothic September 18, 2013

This is my contribution to ISI’s symposium, Conservatism: What’s Wrong with it and How Can We Make it Right?
In one sense, there is nothing wrong with conservatism. The principles remain; reality has not changed. The problem lies in the…

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The Euro: Crisis and Opportunity

euro December 9, 2011

The Euro is in trouble, and the news just keeps getting worse. There is now open talk of a post-Euro Europe, and such a turn would be a serious strike against any robust European Union. After an all-night session last…

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A Big Lunch: Cheeseburgers, Oysters, and Decentralization on a Road Trip Through Indiana

cheeseburger August 2, 2011

The stones strapped to the back of the city dweller, along with the thick tension of the silence of the state, explains why most city conversations fall on the opposite side of friendly.

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money October 3, 2010

TARP has expired. Are we better off for it?

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Made in Vermont

March 3, 2009

BURNED-OVER DISTRICT, NY. …It’s town meeting day in the once and future republic of Vermont.  Herewith, from the American Conservative, my profile of Frank Bryan, the University of Vermont professor whose Real Democracy (2004) is the finest work ever written

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