We Have Met the Enemy, and He is Us

Pogo2 August 15, 2011
One has a free choice of whether to take one's cocaine in crystal or powdered form. However, while this may be a free choice, it is never a choice of freedom, since either choice leads to slavery.
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Would You Call this Sloth or Shamelessness or Both?

ego May 3, 2011
Won’t someone please think of the children?
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The Mosh-Pit of Philosophy, the Pedestal of Science, and a Plate of Green Beans

11 TDPOPP05  HINDASH April 18, 2011
Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of addressing the ISI Conference at Taylor University, “Whose Capitalism? Which Free Market? Exploring the Moral Dimensions of the Market.” My message to the 200-plus participants was an attack on the philosophic bases of…
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Of Unions, Cleavage, Oil, and Doom

end_of_world March 1, 2011
We are borrowing well over a billion dollars a day to import oil.
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New Year’s Dissolution

206354-new-year-party January 5, 2011
Thumbnail image for New Year’s Dissolution I’m as sanguine as Eeyore on the Eve of St. Lucy’s.
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Finding New Ways to Inflate the Fantasy

August 19, 2010
We're not filling the gas tank. We're inflating a fantasy.
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Wendell Berry and the Great Economy

mustardseed August 5, 2010
Economics has become a totalizing system claiming the power to explain all things. It is as much a religious system—by another name—as is Berry's Great Economy.
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Naive Experts: Economists and the Real World

how markets work July 27, 2010
If your doctor had this same track record of diagnosing and treating disease, you’d be dead by now.
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Having Kids Who Have Kids

money_baby July 14, 2010
Bryan Caplan ignores the role religious belief plays in fertility rates.
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Contain This!

front-2-04050_1628784c May 11, 2010
The only difference is the dispatch with which we have invited the gulf—and the heartland and every other place we were told to toil in by the sweat of our brow—to go to hell.
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Castles Built on Sand

sandcastle April 29, 2010
Even for the average homeowner, ownership all too often is imagined as a way of gaming income flow and consumption over a lifetime, accumulating enough to spend down before one has to become a ward of the welfare state. It is part of consumer society, not a buffer against it.
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Hot Tub Economics

Passed-Out-254x300 March 23, 2010
The ideology of free trade and managed society continues to destroy the prospects of a prosperous American in the Twenty-First Century. Let us dig down and return to the one true economics: making and acquiring for the sake of sustaining the household and the country.
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Majoring in Idiocy

Flyeye March 3, 2010
Education presently conceived and presently practiced has but one goal: the mass production of idiots.
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Chesterton on the Economic Crisis

January 18, 2010
Things are a little different now that it's led to universal bankruptcy...
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Skinny But Still Driving

January 17, 2010
Ethanol and the fashionably skeletal may be connected.
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Prime Wisdom

graduate January 13, 2010
No one seems to have taught the politicians anything about that threadbare doctrine of man that underwrites their public jerry-mandering. They went to college, these elected officials, but no one thought to give them a proper dose of theology.
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