The Foal of an Ass, A Crown of Thorns, and 80 Linear Feet of Base Shoe

BASE-shoe April 15, 2014

Rock Island, Il

The day for greeting my swarthy brethren with “Xristos Almosti!” has come and gone. (A Greco-Rus hybrid response might be “Alithos Notyetski!”) The best part of Palm Sunday, aside from the fact that it inaugurates our dolorous

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The New Briar Patch Puts All in Doubt

briarpatch April 8, 2014

You’d have to call this job rebarbative.

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Recovering Bliss From the Conditions of Disaster

car10 April 1, 2014

AM radio shouts at me, first the nut-jobs on the right, then the nut-jobs on the left.

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Now is the Summer of Our Discontent

Winter-Background-Pictures-167 February 19, 2014

Where’s my wanton ambling nymph?

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A Man’s Home Is His Castle

castle 2 February 3, 2014

Hidden Springs Lane. After too long, I finally got around to watching The Castle… (1997), a film recommended by FPR’s Jeff Polet. It’s a film you probably haven’t heard of let alone seen. It’s an Australian comedy that tells the

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And What Happened After the Codeine Kicked In

moving-truck January 15, 2014

I’m in one of those ridiculous backless hospital gowns.

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Auld Lame Side

power_drill_skeleton_xray-1680x1050 January 1, 2014

This is what we all need now: a deep belly-laugh.

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The Neighborhood Bar and the Chief End of Man

250px-Cheers_intro_logo December 18, 2013

There they sit, attractive in their way.

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It Can’t Get Any More Dumb-Assed Than This (Can It?)

Clusterfuck+weather_f1f562_4759102 December 11, 2013

Let us take in the full range of dumb-assedness.

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Bar Jester Five-O

heartfire November 20, 2013

What does a man do at the half-century mark? What he damn-well pleases.

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Mrs. Bar Jester Moves Nearer Her Revenge

martini-cocktail October 22, 2013

What are you wearing?

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Longing for Home Over Glory: An Artful Interpretation of the Epic Poems by Homer and Virgil

Aeneas_Creusa_Louvre_OA7554 October 17, 2013

Dramatic paths to glory are viewed with skepticism in our modern democratic age. As Tocqueville suggests, “amongst democratic nations ambition is ardent and continual, but its aim is not habitually lofty; and life is generally spent in eagerly coveting small…

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Carter October 8, 2013

Madness may be measured among oncologists who desire unlimited growth.

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mementoMoriSkull2_rsconnett September 24, 2013

It bashed his brains in.

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Chicken Aioli: What It Is Now

the-creamiest-aioli-646 September 10, 2013

Mr. Freezer, meet Mr. Martini glass.

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Baconations on a Theme

baconweave August 27, 2013

Misery, misery, sonofabitch of all miseries!

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