Or Die

blackhole_diagram September 4, 2012
Thank God—sorry: thank progress, rather—for that million-year window!
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Going to Hell with Huck

LowWaterNew-Inet August 1, 2012
This life is no trick, no accident.
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Now Let Us Raze Famous Men

Wood plane July 10, 2012
He was looking at me with what appeared to be some degree of disbelief.
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A Lucubration Neither Lugubrious Nor Lubricious; or, A Nocturnal Upon Saint Edward Abbey

Ed-Abbey-The-Journey-Home June 12, 2012
What machine can match a pair of legs?
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On Being a Worthy Heir of the Agrarian Contrarians

666 May 2, 2012
But, as Shakespeare wrote, we sometimes “by indirections find directions out.”
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Primary? What Primary? There’s a Tournament on and a Woman to Impress

College-Basketball-021712L_5 March 20, 2012
How about a little one-on-one, full court press?
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The Bar Jester Says, “Valentine’s Day Can Kiss My …”

couple-valentines-day11 February 15, 2012
Valentine’s day is a trick on suckers.
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What’s Wrong With Iowa? (A Transplanted Professor Knows)

iowa2 February 7, 2012
If you think you may legitimately enjoy the physical benefits of a place while dwelling in the airy regions of judgment above it, you’d better think again.
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Surviving Five O’Clock

There’s nothing the smell of this can’t solve.
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Homesick Nation

cabin hearth January 19, 2012
In 1852, the first piano arrived in Stockton, California. Imported from Cincinnati, it was a gift to Mary Kroh from her father, a minister who had traveled west to preach to the thousands of gold miners in California. Shortly after…
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O Clemens, O Pia

Interstate January 3, 2012
The answers we give may prove to be fatal rather than whimsical.
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On the Conversion of Grass and Sunlight; or, Round Steak in a World Gone Mad

cow November 1, 2011
An animal with four stomachs is on its way to mine.
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October, Momma, and Memory

October October 10, 2011
It is a reminder that our own personal winter is coming. When you are daily reminded of your own bones by pains in your joints, seeing a skeleton dangling from someone’s front porch makes it all real.
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The Season of Nature’s Boon

RoundtreeCemetery September 20, 2011
Everything now portends the close of something desperately cherished.
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