Bar Jester Five-O

heartfire November 20, 2013
What does a man do at the half-century mark? What he damn-well pleases.
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Mrs. Bar Jester Moves Nearer Her Revenge

martini-cocktail October 22, 2013
What are you wearing?
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Longing for Home Over Glory: An Artful Interpretation of the Epic Poems by Homer and Virgil

Aeneas_Creusa_Louvre_OA7554 October 17, 2013
Dramatic paths to glory are viewed with skepticism in our modern democratic age. As Tocqueville suggests, “amongst democratic nations ambition is ardent and continual, but its aim is not habitually lofty; and life is generally spent in eagerly coveting small…
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Carter October 8, 2013
Madness may be measured among oncologists who desire unlimited growth.
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mementoMoriSkull2_rsconnett September 24, 2013
It bashed his brains in.
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Chicken Aioli: What It Is Now

the-creamiest-aioli-646 September 10, 2013
Mr. Freezer, meet Mr. Martini glass.
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Baconations on a Theme

baconweave August 27, 2013
Misery, misery, sonofabitch of all miseries!
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On the Right Side of Progress–Or the Left

Tree 1 August 14, 2013
My road isn’t wide enough for people who don’t live on it.
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The Dumb-Ass Bar Jester: He Got Him a Plan

E.E. Lawson July 2, 2013
Who could resist—especially at that price?
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The Night of Susurrant Voices

Dandelion-Wine-e1327969287597 May 29, 2013
God didn't put twelve months on the calendar so we could work them all.
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The Barn Jester Steps In It

cow pies April 9, 2013
Those who think "nostalgia" is a bad word marking a bad sentiment can pucker my yonder socket.
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Bar Jester Chronicles XVIII: A Proper New Year’s Eve

bonfire January 1, 2013
I’ll return when, looking from the woods, I see total fenestrated darkness.
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Or Die

blackhole_diagram September 4, 2012
Thank God—sorry: thank progress, rather—for that million-year window!
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Going to Hell with Huck

LowWaterNew-Inet August 1, 2012
This life is no trick, no accident.
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Now Let Us Raze Famous Men

Wood plane July 10, 2012
He was looking at me with what appeared to be some degree of disbelief.
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A Lucubration Neither Lugubrious Nor Lubricious; or, A Nocturnal Upon Saint Edward Abbey

Ed-Abbey-The-Journey-Home June 12, 2012
What machine can match a pair of legs?
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