What’s Wrong With Iowa? (A Transplanted Professor Knows)

iowa2 February 7, 2012
If you think you may legitimately enjoy the physical benefits of a place while dwelling in the airy regions of judgment above it, you’d better think again.
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Old is Green

windmill July 25, 2011
(Or, Fix Your Darn Windows)
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Agrarian Politics: Why I Care

corn May 31, 2011
Interest in agrarian politics can start in childhood. As feminists used to say, "The personal is political."
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Sausage Time Machine

Meat grinder-1 October 22, 2010
Does food have a context of time and place?, or, How to make your own sausage.
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Eric Miller on The Lost Cause of the Midwest

October 7, 2009
Devon, PA.  If you have not encountered Eric Miller’s savage indignation elsewhere, here is a fine place to start: his review of David S. Brown’s Beyond the Frontier: The Midwestern Voice in American Historical Writing, an impressive new history…
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