Thomas Fleming

Patriotism in Little

517418222_2d861f073f_z October 24, 2014
Louisville, Kentucky.  One of the things I found on moving home to Kentucky 22 years ago is that our love of country is a very little and very local thing. Our love for our large country as a whole…
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Dylan February 3, 2011
What is the point of eating local? Are we actually feeding something besides our own ego and gluttony?
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Independence Day Eve

USS Vincennes July 3, 2010
Whenever I hear someone claim that “our enemies hate us for our freedom,” I think first of the USS Vincennes and July 3rd, 1988. Twenty-two years ago today, Vincennes was as sophisticated as warships came and by far the most powerful surface vessel on Persian Gulf patrol.
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Workaday Morals

June 11, 2009
Henry County, Ky.    Those of us foolish enough to call ourselves “conservative” are forced to admit that culturally and politically at least we live amidst less and less worth conserving.  We can and should continue to mind our own business, and…
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