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The Blouse, the Pig, and the Fox

pork-tenderloin August 5, 2015
I can’t lead a fast break any more, but I can still see sideways.
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The Noble Doubt and the Cardinal’s Certain Flight

615a6f1567f6eab7aa1bd2474ac82d4e July 28, 2015
The cardinal's steely resolve is touchingly quixotic.
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A Conversation with Bill Kauffman

CASCADE_Template July 21, 2015
I am the illegitimate son of Dorothy Day and H.D. Thoreau.
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Killer Pumpkin: A GardenDisPatch

Au Sable July 14, 2015
It’s nurse Goodbody pulling up the drive.
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Kids These Days: Why We Shouldn’t Worry if They Don’t Leave Home Early

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 6.18.31 PM July 14, 2015
A popular version of the undying nostalgia for a golden era gone by is the view that this era was a time when men were men, and children grew into adults at the proper time. These days you cannot go…
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Contemplation and Distraction; or, Fecating and Free-Ranging Over the Deadline

Pix & Movies to Dec. 21, 2008 024 July 7, 2015
I don’t really mind being everyone’s full-time unpaid employee.
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The Silly Season is Here Again

honey-wagon June 23, 2015
Elections are here, but manure-spreading is nothing new.
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Stinking at Parenting: A Dispatch

Salome-pepe-le-pew-300 June 17, 2015
To quote the apostle: And what shall I more say?
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He Gets the Welcome He Deserves: A Dispatch

Pepe Le Pew 3 (Small)(1) June 10, 2015
Nor will I allow myself the fantasy a week hence.
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Witchcraft in Church? Against Glamorous Worship

Recently, our local Trappist Monastery, the Abbey of the Genesee, unveiled a renovation of the sanctuary of the Abbey church. To the shock of some — those who often claim to have their ‘finger on the pulse’ — the remodel did…
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Hanging Out with, and Learning from, Some Thoroughly Material Benedictines

May 15, 2015
[Cross-posted to In Medias Res] A few weeks ago I was able to, once again, do something that I enjoy doing immensely–take a group of students out on a local food tour, so they can learn firsthand about more sustainable…
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Remembering a Good Oak

unnamed May 14, 2015
Trees cannot talk, but they do speak. With our eyes focused on franticly flickering screens, perhaps our ears have grown dull to their still small voices, yet they whisper on. Edmund Burke described society as a “contract between the past,…
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The Absurdity of Personal Contact with Natural Beauty

wilderness1 May 6, 2015
In Wildness is the preservation of the world.
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Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Estate Sales: The Putrefaction of America

Capitol Hill Seattle Garage Sale 2013 April 24, 2015
What used to be called garage sales and are now also called “yard” and “estate” sale are the scourge of the neighborhood and a major contributor to the putrefaction of America. I was reminded of this ugly part of the American…
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Wendell Berry Opts Out of the ‘Culture of Violence’

7128352817_656827f971_o April 6, 2015
Our Only World: Ten Essays. By Wendell Berry. Berkeley: Counterpoint, 2015. In January of 2012, Wendell Berry delivered a speech at Georgetown College that explained his support for legalizing gay marriage. Responses from Berry’s Christian readers came thick and fast;…
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When Your Hometown Goes International

6348195399_f720cfdd2c_b April 2, 2015
New York City is not an American city; it’s an Arab nation filled with a thousand different tribes who grudgingly live amongst each other. Through its history, parts have tried to secede, parts have burned, but we’ve made it through…
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