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The Problem of Undertheorized Agrarianism in Most Actually Argued Localism

April 25, 2013

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That’s a terrible title for this post, I know. But hopefully it’ll make sense, if you actually make it to the end.
First of all, if any reader of this blog has missed out on…

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The Pythagorean Temptation

2013-Candlemas-DT-Cover April 19, 2013

Berwyn, PA.…  In his Degrees of Knowledge, Jacques Maritain argues that one central fault of the modern mind has been its propensity to think of mathematics rather than metaphysics as first philosophy.  If we take number for the foundation of

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Mark Mitchell’s Politics of Gratitude (Theoretical and Otherwise)

tree April 18, 2013

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To continue with the excellent discussion begun by R.J. Snell, Mark Mitchell’s fine and thoughtful book is filled with important insights and challenges, which do not, in my judgment, quite achieve what the author lays…

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From the Trinity Capital

Trinity Capital April 12, 2013

Beyond the purple velvet drapes, the skeins of billowed gossamer, my hotel window looks down on the back gates of Trinity College. Up three floors and pierced by a late October sun, the room has been done up like a swinger’s pad, with leopard print and leather, with mirrors and conic shaded lights in orbit about the dark mass of the pillowed bed.

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Ruthie Leming’s (and Rod Dreher’s) Little Way

51zyOb2vuoL._SS500_ April 8, 2013

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Rod Dreher’s 2006 manifesto, Crunchy Cons…, was an inspiration (and provocation) to many, on both the left and the right. It wasn’t that the book was a tremendous intellectual break-through or an entirely new

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History is Bunk

Fur_traders_in_canada_1777 March 19, 2013

Serious bunkitude, dude.

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Life Under Compulsion: Music and the Itch

bagpiper March 11, 2013

Like dew on the gowan lying
Is the fa’ o’ her fairy feet;
Like winds in summer sighing,
Her voice is low and sweet.
Her voice is low and sweet,
And she’s a’ the world to me,
And for bonnie …

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The Journey Home

journey home March 4, 2013

If you had told me, a happy and professionally satisfied D.C. lawyer living on Capitol Hill, just over a year ago, that I would be back someday soon living in my hometown of East Grand Rapids, Michigan, writing this, I…

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An Ancient Legacy of Form: Guardini on Mastery and Nearness

Ship_in_full_sail_by_Munin February 26, 2013

Our dwelling place is the state not of nature but of culture.

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Lives Lived Worthily: On Hunting

pheasant February 19, 2013

A little over a year ago, after hearing my bitter protests about another pathetic talk by some expert on education whose vision of life I find basically revolting but whose blather I am contractually obligated to attend for my own…

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The Learning and Limits of Libraries

office library January 17, 2013

Three articles recently caught my eye, all of which having to do with scholars’ fame, only two having to do with their libraries.
The bookless one involved a professor of history at the University of York who blamed the victims…

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Behind the Beautiful Forevers, and the Ground on Which Communities Are Built

January 7, 2013

[Cross-posted to In Medias Res]
The final sentence in Behind the Beautiful Forevers…–Katherine Boo’s wonderfully written, devastatingly detailed narrative of several fascinating, despairing stories that took place over the period of a couple of years in a Mumbai slum

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Continuing to Argue Against Abortion

baby feet December 19, 2012

“Yet because the decision will not allow the question to remain silent, and yet sounds an ambiguous note as to how it would be answered in terms of our contemporary liberalism, the decision [Roe v. Wade] ‘Commends th’ ingredients of…

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Conservative Wisdom from an Original Radical

hayden December 10, 2012

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Last Friday, Tom Hayden, co-founder of the Students for a Democratic Society, principal author of 1962′s Port Huron Statement (or, if you Big Lebowski fans insist, the compromised second draft), Freedom Rider, anti-war activist, social…

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The Passing of Two Great Intellectual Historians

Clio October 12, 2012

News of the passing of Gene Genovese and Henry May took the wind out of these aging sails. In addition to reading these historians while in grad school almost thirty years ago, I knew both of them and befriended a…

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Lessons on Limits from the Cougar Prophet

Fontainebleau chateau October 11, 2012

If a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, I took my prescription of limits and localism with a spoon full of pretty sweet sugar indeed.   About 20 years ago I came into possession of  Stephen Vizinczey’s In…

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