Clean Eyes

February 25, 2015
“Again, one time Sophocles, who was Pericles’ fellow-commissioner in the generalship, was going on board with him, and praised the beauty of a youth they met with on the way to the ship. ‘Sophocles,’ said he, ‘a general ought not…
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White Hunter, Iraq Heart

February 21, 2015
From Reason, the excellent Jesse Walker locates American Sniper within a semi-nativist (if sometimes anti-native) American antiwar tradition. For what it’s worth, I found it a powerful film, and not at all jingoistic.…
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Remembering Death

February 18, 2015
“You are dust, and to dust you will return.” Genesis Some images are striking reminders of death. There are few like seeing your name etched on a gravestone. In my case it was seeing only part of my name—the one that really…
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The Slavery of Women, and Men

February 11, 2015
“But among barbarians no distinction is made between women and slaves…” Aristotle, Politics Barbarians can be accused of a number of things, but presumably they cannot be accused of considering themselves civilized. Nor did they see themselves as a society…
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No, I’m Not Charlie Martel, Either

February 10, 2015
Some time ago a number of my Facebook friends, some who even claimed to be practicing Catholics, changed their profile pictures on Facebook (equivalent to an avatar) to a mathematical equal sign. This was intended to show “solidarity” with those…
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Parents Ruling by Love and Age

February 4, 2015
“For the begetter is the ruler by reason of love and age…” Aristotle, Politics Perhaps we do not normally think of parents as rulers. Aristotle did. He seems to think that after giving children life there is nothing more important…
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Why Jim Webb Won’t Get a Fair Hearing

February 3, 2015
Here’s Jack Ross over at the Mitrailleuse: The taxonomy by which the DC establishment made sense of the Democratic victory that year [2006] on the strength of antiwar sentiment was both confusing and misleading, perhaps deliberately so – red-state Democrats…
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Drove My Chevy to See Levy

January 30, 2015
From The American Conservative, the art of Alexander O. Levy, who painted the street where he lived.…
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Marijuana and Self-Government, Large and Small

January 30, 2015
Here in the Air Capital of the World, the Wichita City Council, in response to the second attempt by dozens of local volunteers to gather thousands of signatures in less than a year, has forwarded to the ballot for our…
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Bye Bye Miss Liberal Arts College

January 28, 2015
Those of you reading Jason Peters’ fine article on “liberal” miseducation may also want to take a look at this one.…
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Once Upon a Time in the Middle East

January 23, 2015
My review of ‘American Sniper’ is up at TAC: The New York Times review of “Lawrence of Arabia” from 1962 complains that we don’t really get to know the titular character, a fault Bosley Crowther blames on “the concept of telling the story…
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Step into the Sensorium

January 17, 2015
Pete Davis made his debut on this blog this week, with an essay on the poisonous politics of The West Wing. But he’s not just a writer or community reformer. Today he has released The Sensorium of B.H. Obama, written by Davis and Paul VanKoughnett. I…
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A Porcher in Paris

January 16, 2015
Stephen Heiner writes about about why he didn’t participate in the Paris march.…
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Acquainted with Grief

December 26, 2014
“He was despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief.” Handel’s Messiah, Air from Part II, quoting Isaiah 53 Being acquainted with grief does not fit the season. Or so it might seem. Last Sunday…
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Fathers and Sons

December 17, 2014
Hunting season is a time for fathers and sons. I have posted a reflection at The Catholic Gentleman on the need our sons have for more time with us their fathers. It’s Not About the Deer: 3 Reasons to Take…
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Consider Donating to FPR

December 16, 2014
Dear Readers, With the end of the year soon upon us, it is time once again to think about making a tax-deductible gift to FPR. Your donations are used to help maintain the excellent content to which you’ve become accustomed,…
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