When Hospitality Vanishes

August 26, 2015
“…and there will be no affection between guest and host.” Hesiod, Works and Days Ancient Greek literature reveals a striking practice of hospitality. We would do well to consider what is implied in this practice. When a host welcomes someone—sometimes…
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When Shame Vanishes

August 19, 2015
“… shame will vanish.” Hesiod, Works and Days Hesiod gives a remarkable description of a degenerate culture by pointing to several of its hallmark characteristics. This one is particularly chilling. “Shame” for the Greeks refers to a crucial human passion:…
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I’m…Waiting for My Manuscript

August 12, 2015
Okay, one more advert for myself, or rather my latest, lukewarm off the presses from Front Porch Republic Books: Poetry Night at the Ballpark and other Scenes from an Alternative America. This is from that essential bimonthly, The American Conservative.…
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Why Everyone Should Plant Seeds This Week

August 5, 2015
“Of the art of acquisition [of food] then there is one kind which by nature is a part of the management of a household, in so far as the art of household management must either find ready to hand, or…
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FPR Conference. Register Now!

August 3, 2015
The fifth annual Front Porch Republic conference will be held on October 3 in Geneseo, New York. The conference will explore sustainable localism and will feature a panel on the thought of Christopher Lasch and talks on Liberty Hyde Bailey,…
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Surely Booth

August 2, 2015
Tarkington, that is. America Moved, edited by our very own Jeremy Beer, receives an exceptionally fine review in the University Bookman by their fellow Hoosier Nathan P. Origer.…
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A Sweet Gift from Heaven

July 29, 2015
“The heavenly gift of honey…” Virgil, The Georgics Thus Virgil opens his final book of The Georgics. Perhaps these words rolled off his pen with hardly a thought; or maybe they were very deliberate. Either way they express a sentiment,…
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The Challenge of Working Fathers

July 15, 2015
Much has been written about mothers leaving home to enter the workforce. Little attention is given to the prior exodus of fathers from the home: a situation that long ago came to be considered standard, even in traditional households. I…
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Localist Linkfest

July 11, 2015
First off, I’m filling in for Mike Church on Monday morning again, from 6-9 on Sirius XM Patriot 125. The last hour will be a religious liberty roundtable featuring our own Prof. Deneen, CUA’s Chad Pecknold, Ryan Anderson of the…
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Working, For a Living

July 8, 2015
“The gods keep livelihood hidden from men. Otherwise a day’s labor could bring man enough to last a whole year with no more work.” Hesiod, Works and Days In both biblical and ancient Greek accounts, work is something of an enigma.…
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Iowa Conference on Presidential Politics

July 7, 2015
Dr. Jeff Taylor, Professor of Political Science at Dordt College, invites you to attend the Iowa Conference on Presidential Politics. It will be held October 29-31, 2015, on the campus of Dordt College. The conference will be a national, cross-disciplinary,…
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The Pope and the Plowman

July 3, 2015
Wendell Berry and Pope Francis have been drinking from the same well of living water.  I dig into the connections between the pope and the plowman at First Things.…
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Tonight in Grand Rapids

July 2, 2015
I’ll be speaking tonight at St. Isidore’s in Grand Rapids as part of their “Fortnight for Freedom” series. My topic is “Two Cities: Can Catholics and Liberals Co-exist?” You’ll have to attend to find out the answer.…
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Summer Reading is for Everyone

July 1, 2015
“Then shall we carelessly allow the children to hear any old stories…?” Plato, Republic Summer is a time for stories. There is a great tradition of taking stories seriously, even, and sometimes especially, ‘non-serious’ or leisure reading. Stories are food…
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Mitch McConnell’s Hypocrisy

June 30, 2015
I have a little scoop over at TheDC, a picture of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, at a Sons of Confederate Veterans meeting in the early 1990s. Back then he wasn’t as keen on taking the Jefferson Davis statue out…
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Localist Linkfest

June 28, 2015
This has to be a very complicated week for gay neo-Confederates — Ben Jacobs (@Bencjacobs) June 26, 2015 Some megachurches are scanning their congregants’ faces to check their attendance. Possible oldest footprints in North America found FAIR: “NPR Celebrates Fast-Track…
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