FPR Conference in Louisville: Tickets are Going Fast!

August 12, 2014
The fourth annual Front Porch Republic conference will be in Louisivlle on September 27. We will examine ways to promote a more comprehensive localist vision that both learns from and goes beyond the increasingly successful local-food movement. It will feature…
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Localist Roundup: Digital Babies

August 7, 2014
This article explains how parking policies price families out of cities. Meanwhile, this piece worries that baby apps may detract from parenting. Finally, this piece  may interest those who like to consider cheese.…
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Throwing Nothing Away

August 6, 2014
“Nature like a good householder throws away nothing of which anything useful can be made.” Aristotle, On the Generation of Animals It is delightful to think that nature already does what I am supposed to be doing: be a good…
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Localist Roundup: Wendell Berry Interview

August 5, 2014
Apparently, it’s Wendell Berry’s 80th birthday today. In honor of that, here is an interview with him. Meanwhile, TIME speculates on Pope Francis’s possible visit to the States. In other news, a Swiss pesticide company has an interesting plan to…
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Happy Birthday, Mr. Berry

August 5, 2014
[Cross-posted to In Medias Res] Today, Wendell Berry turns 80. There is much which could and perhaps should be said in honor of him on the occasion of his birthday, for the man and his writings contain multitudes. They don’t…
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Rising at Night

July 30, 2014
“…and when anything needs doing it ought not to be left undone, whether it be day or night. There are occasions when a householder should rise while it is still night; for this helps to make a man healthy, wealthy,…
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Localist Roundup: Little Free Libraries

July 29, 2014
This piece argues that the state of religion in the U.S. can be partially explained through the decline in traditional Catholic weddings. Meanwhile, this article describes efforts to support local textiles in North Carolina. This piece describes the continued appeal of Little…
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The Good Man Must Himself Be a True Poem

The Violent and the Fallen Front Cover July 25, 2014
The M.F.A. program in Creative Writing at the University of Notre Dame has just published an interview with me as part of its alumni series.  There, I get to reflect on my years of shooting pool and trying to hold…
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Localist Roundup: The Best Solutions Are Local

July 24, 2014
This piece laments the loss of quiet in a technological age. Meanwhile, this article describes some approaches European cities are taking to encourage revival. In political news, Representative Paul Ryan has a new plan to combat poverty. Finally, a recent study suggests that…
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Care for a Wife’s Health

July 23, 2014
“Seeing, then, that such care is lavished on the body’s food, surely every care should be taken on behalf of our own children’s mother and nurse, in whom is implanted the seed from which there springs a living soul.” Aristotle,…
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Localist Roundup: Mild Electrical Shocks

July 22, 2014
This USDA press release outlines recent efforts to offer more support to the local food movement. Meanwhile, this piece explains the importance of restaurants for cities. Lastly, this article reports that, apparently, people prefer electrical shocks to being alone with their thoughts.…
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In Defense of Layoffs, Contempt for Tradition

July 19, 2014
Take therefore every thought for the morrow.
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A Quaker for Peace

July 18, 2014
From The American Conservative, my remembrance of Robert D. Stuart Jr., whose family knew oatmeal.…
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Localist Roundup: Coping With Loneliness

July 17, 2014
According to this piece, millennials have some interesting tensions in their political views. Meanwhile, this article bemoans the way that parking  has taken over cities. This article describes an epidemic of American loneliness and a somewhat disconcerting attempt to solve…
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What Will Make Me Grateful?

July 16, 2014
“The greatest benefits will not bind the ungrateful.” Aesop’s Fables The farmer, finding a frozen snake, pitied him and placed him in his bosom to thaw. The revived snake, unmoved by gratitude, inflicts a mortal wound. Such ingratitude is especially…
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Things Grow Better With Coke

July 15, 2014
The humble squash bug is truly a remarkable creature. The neonicotinoid pesticides that play such havoc with the fragile bees and birds have no effect whatsoever on the resilient squash bug. Indeed, they seem to be impervious to all pesticides;…
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