I Wish That I Had Jesse’s Book

October 14, 2014
Walker, that is. His The United States of Paranoia is out today in paperback. Buy, read, enjoy.…
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Localist Roundup: Too Much Food?

October 14, 2014
This piece highlights the use of parklets–sidewalk extensions taking up the space normally used for curbside parking spaces–in Chicago. Meanwhile, this piece claims that agribusinesses are overproducing. And this article indicates that much of this food goes on to be…
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Who’s Hiding from Whom

October 8, 2014
“The real nature of things is accustomed to hide itself.” Heraclitus Heraclitus seems to imply that reality strives to veil itself. Is there a latent cruelty in reality—that it recedes from our comprehension? Maybe we should make a distinction: there…
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Localist Roundup: Pernicious Mobile Wallets

October 7, 2014
The news has been abuzz recently with yesterday’s Supreme Court (non)ruling on same-sex marriage. The USDA continues to try to support local food, this time by including farmers markets in its health initiatives. Meanwhile, this article considers the social harms…
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Making a Home Where You Live. An Interview.

October 6, 2014
Here’s an interview I did with Colin Hansen of the Gospel Coalition. The occasion was the publication of Why Place Matters: Geography, Identity, and Civil Life in Modern America, edited by Wilfred McClay and Ted V. McAllister. My essay, “Making…
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Humbled and Grateful

October 3, 2014
After 6 or so years as Editor-in-Chief at FPR, Mark Mitchell has decided to take a well-deserved rest from his labors. He has been, in our short history, the indispensable person. Under Mark’s leadership FPR has emerged as a distinctive…
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Localist Roundup: Fire and Food

October 2, 2014
This piece reports on a global survey for food sustainability. In America specifically, there’s a growing tendency to prefer snacks to meals. In other food news, this article criticizes food labels for misleading and fraudulent claims. And this piece argues…
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Jeff Polet Takes Over as Editor-in-Chief

October 1, 2014
Jeff Polet of Hope College in Holland, MI is assuming the role of editor-in-chief of FPR. Jeff brings energy, creativity, and a commitment to the ideals of place, limits, and liberty, and I am confident that FPR will thrive under…
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On Bosworth’s Demise of Virtue

September 30, 2014
What contemporary capitalism needs to learn from fairy tales ...
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Localist Roundup: Dead at 75

September 25, 2014
This article considers whether marriage is becoming a kind of luxury. Meanwhile, this piece attempts to coax readers into community involvement. In other news, this interesting piece claims 75 as the ideal age for death. And this equally interesting piece…
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Discipline and Silence

September 24, 2014
“And when it comes to action, put your trust in discipline and silence; in every kind of warfare they count a lot, and particularly in naval engagement.” Phormio, Athenian naval commander, in Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War. The parallels…
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Localist Roundup: Future Food and Farmers

September 23, 2014
This piece notes the disappearance of young American farmers.  Meanwhile, these people are making food with data. Lastly, this article advocates a strange combination of cosmopolitanism and local ideals to combat climate change.…
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Localist Roundup: Capitalism

September 18, 2014
This piece explores Mandevillian tendencies in economic thought. In other news, The Guardian has launched a new section encouraging readers to “rethink prosperity.” This article highlights an increasingly listless reaction to technological progress. Lastly, some diversion from America’s Finest News Source.…
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Localist Roundup: NoPhone

September 11, 2014
In recent news, single adults now comprise more than half of the U.S. population. Meanwhile, this piece considers how technology has changed the way we wander. This article argues that the new Apple Watch blurs the distinction between technology and…
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Localist Roundup: Rubber Duck

September 9, 2014
This article poses the question “Who’s responsible for bad architecture?” Meanwhile, this piece criticizes the practice of communities outsourcing art, with particular reference to Florentijn Hofman and his giant rubber ducks. In other news, this article describes the struggles one region…
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How To Not Lose to ISIS

September 6, 2014
My meditation on the question from The American Conservative.…
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