What is Wrong With the Front Porch?

front-porch-attitude March 25, 2014
Let's be honest: the posts are terrible.
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Localist Roundup: American Exceptionalism

February 4, 2014
According to this piece, online grocery shopping is on the up and up. Meanwhile, this article describes something similar happening with book subscriptions. This article tries to delineate boundaries between what sorts of things people should do, and what sorts…
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What Happened with the Prick Realtor

sold-sign January 29, 2014
The indignities mount.
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And What Happened After the Codeine Kicked In

moving-truck January 15, 2014
I’m in one of those ridiculous backless hospital gowns.
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Localist Roundup: Polar Vortex

January 7, 2014
As I write this, it’s cold. On the political front, this piece tells that the Senate recently propelled a unemployment benefit extension past a key procedural vote. Meanwhile, The Weekly Standard yearns for patriotism. On an unrelated note, this piece…
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Localist Roundup: Horse-Drawn Carriages and Portable Churches

January 2, 2014
This article reports on the continuing saga of legal challenges to NSA data collection. In other court news, as the Affordable Care Act goes into effect, Justice Sotomayor has issued a stay on the mandate requiring employers cover employee birth…
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Localist Roundup: Walmarts of Higher Education

December 31, 2013
Happy New Year! Tomorrow, the Affordable Care Act takes full effect. In other news, this piece looks at Census Bureau statistics and analyzes population shift in the States. The article is concerned primarily about seats in the House of Representatives,…
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Have Yourselves A Merry Dumb-Ass Christmas Now

images December 25, 2013
We’ll just have to muddle through somehow.
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What We Wish at Christmas

December 23, 2013
In practicing the rites of worship men hope that they will be vouchsafed a share in the superhuman abundance of life. From time immemorial, this very thing has always been considered the true, the immanent fruit of all great festivals……
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Localist Roundup: Deals and Decisions

December 17, 2013
This week’s news is mostly on the political front. A budget deal seems ready to go through the Senate, wrapping up the congressional conflict from earlier this year. But another fight could arise concerning the debt ceiling, something which the…
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Teaching Responsibility

December 11, 2013
Ischomachus’ wife: “My mother told me that my job was to be responsible.” Ischomachus: “Yes, my dear, of course, my father gave me the same advice.” Xenophon, The Estate Manager, VII Her parents told her to be responsible. And his…
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Localist Roundup: Grants for Local Food and Transcendentalists with iPhones

November 21, 2013
The Black Friday shopping binge starts earlier still this year. On a less depressing note, these study results tell something about how women influence men. And these results list what American’s fear most regarding technology. An unsurprisingly large amount lose…
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Allen Tate, Flannery O’Connor, Michael Sandel on Money, and More

November 15, 2013
Allen Tate’s Stand, Flannery O’Connor’s Southern Catholicism, Michael Sandel on the Limits of Money, Voegelin on Gnosticism, Burke on Law and Morality, a Paleo-Libertarian Critique of Statism, Nietzsche and Natural Law . . .  Anamnesis Journal has just…
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Gardnering at Night, Again

October 24, 2013
Anyone blessed enough to be within shouting distance of Batavia, New York, this Saturday, October 26, at 8 pm is invited to drop by the Pok-a-Dot, venerable and funky diner, for the Sixteenth Annual Batavia Reads John Gardner, during which…
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Imperial Presidency, U.S. Messianism, Binding Lincoln, and More

October 23, 2013
The Imperial Presidency, the Cost of U.S. Messianism, Criticism of Rich Lowry’s Lincoln Unbound, Jaffa Exposed, the Abandonment of Early American Ordered Liberty, and the Humility of the Declaration of Independence . . . Many important political, legal, and historical…
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The Old Republic, Franklin Pierce, Neoconservative Problems, Aaron Burr, the Southern Tradition, and More

October 14, 2013
The Conservative President Franklin Pierce, Ted McAllister on Neoconservative Thinking, Thomas Woods and the Old Republic, Kevin Gutzman on Aaron Burr, Donald Livingston on the Southern Political Tradition, the Mistaken “Conservatism” of Evangelical-Protestants, . . . Many important political, legal, and…
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