Yes, I think, since this belated review of Uncle Bill’s bio of Luther Martin was written by a priest. Shockingly fair and perceptive given the movement quarters in which it appears.

I don’t keep track of such things: have the Tea Partiers, or the more serious among them, rediscovered and/or consciously tied themselves to the Anti-Federalists? Of course, my question assumes that the movement is not wholly anti-intellectual; this assumption may be even more of a stretch than that Kauffman is appropriate Good Friday material.

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  1. They’ve rediscovered nullification, or have begun to do so, which might be a half-step toward discovering the anti-federalists. I think Kauffman would find a receptive audience among the tea partiers, if only they know about him.

  2. Bill Kauffman is destined to lead the Tea Partiers at the barricades in Washington City. I, for one, am looking forward to the Utube footage!

  3. We may be a bit slow on the uptake, but some of us TEA Partiers are indeed finding Kauffman and Nullification and will certainly consider the anti-federalists.

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