Suitable for Eester and Krustmas:

Sunday’s Coming!

Hat tip to Brennan Hartley

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  1. Eeep, I thought you were posting on the New English translation that was just approved.

    In the spirit of the video, I think you should rename the post: Reliturgy = Relevant Liturgy… or Relaviturgy, if you prefer.

  2. John,

    You may not have realized it, but that video was posted by the A/V team at North Point Community Church- a place you would certainly call “Krustian.” You see, they have a sense of humor about the so-called “Krustian” order of worship, and so they’re engaging in a bit of self-deprecation. I would also surmise that these folks would be more interested in talking about Christ than in continually harping on, for example, the sins of the Catholic church or the frequent lack of vitality in its traditions. You would do well, if you are serious about your faith, to ally with these other Christians rather than disparage them.

  3. John:

    Tradition, as I’m sure you know, does not lack vitality. Continue to disparage. And if you are serious about your faith, do not ally with Krustians. It’s pretty clear they practice a religion different from that of the apostles.

    But then this is only a matter of historical and biblical record.

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