In Praise of Religion’s Dark Side

The dark side of religion cannot be completely vanquished because human reason pales in the comparison to the highest reality, which is known through the light and the darkness of the religious experience.

Building Folklore Wealth

Our lives depend upon the restoration of intergenerational stability within our local communities as a norm that is loved and nurtured. Moreover, our recent obsession with measures such as GDP not only undermines our own wellbeing but threatens our relationship with our entire cosmos.

Mr. Jones and Me

Place was also indispensable to our friendship whether we realized it or not. For all our determination to be malcontents, we did secretly love our home.

Puppets and Portraits: Two Victorians

In “The Dreams of Mrs. Flintwinch thicken,” a short chapter of Charles Dickens’ Little Dorrit (1857), the kind-hearted Arthur Clennam visits his...

Creator as Creature: Rowan Williams on Christ and Creation

Christ the Heart of Creation renders fruitful the richness in, and the virtue of, the Christological grammar that rules faithful speech and thought about the person and nature of Jesus Christ.

Blessed Are the Working Poor

I came to the work of Chris Arnade through his work documenting the social capital of McDonald’s around the United States. In...

Before Ahmari and French, Wills and Bozell

This is awfully late but perhaps also timely (since the spat between Sohrab Ahmari and David French seems to have a long...

Infinite Baseball review

The official scorekeeper for my sixth-grade baseball team was our catcher’s mom. Sometimes she couldn’t be there, and it would fall to...

Without Athens, There is No R.E.M.: The Loss of Local Cultures

In high school, I had a friend who simply loathed Michael Stipe. This was in the late nineties, at the...

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Does Wendell Berry Have Rose-Colored Glasses?

Given the unpopular and uncompromising stands that Wendell Berry takes, it’s only natural that many readers fiercely disagree with him. Some of these disagreements...

Mr. Maturen Goes to Washington

  Queens, NY Many of us have, I imagine, indulged over the course of this summer in a certain amount of GOP doomer porn-- reading (and...

Economic Smackdown!: ‘Porchers’ vs. ‘Austrians’

Earlier this month, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute held a summer program for college students in Louisville, Kentucky. Titled "Arguing Conservatism," the event featured faculty...