Caleb Stegall

Caleb Stegall lives in Jefferson County, Kansas.

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Another Front Porch Success in God’s Country

It's not "climate change" per se that arouses opposition from the heartland, but rather it is that these issues are stand-ins for and advanced by command and control methods wielded by the managerial classes operating from a far away centralized power---this is the real issue.

Toward a Truly Free Market

I am not convinced that the Austrian School doesn't have the better argument, but the distributists bring a vital perspective and there is probably no better place to start hearing it right now than Toward a Truly Free Market.

You Are an Extortionist …

David Brooks youtube-ized.

Got Raw Milk? Then You Are an Enemy of the State!

Here is a tragic example of the soft tyranny of bureaucratic goodie-goodies backed by corporate muscle in favor of closing markets.

Politicians are Boring

Michael Kinsley reviews a new collection of Daniel Patrick Moynihan's writings and concludes that today's politicians are boring boring boring.

Our State Fair is the Best State Fair

My good friend and sturdy Kansas patriot Tony Woodlief writes about the best State Fair around in today's Wall Street Journal.


I will be in New York City on October 6-7.  For details, see here.  If anyone is in the area and wants to attend...

Breaking News

The so-called "wise men" of Michael Gerson and David Brooks's imagination don't exist.  And the same could be said of the super experts that...

Calling All Girardians

This story (and the broader phenomena it represents which would include everything from the explosion of reality TV to Facebook) illustrates what appears to be...

Porch Banter

Michael Gerson's column this morning seems a likely candidate to spur some friendly discussion on the Porch.

More Signs of Establishment Weakness

Another Tea Party candidate appears set to make political waves by unseating an establishment figure by running a rag-tag minuteman-type campaign.

Primary Colors

A report from the heartland.