D. W. Sabin


Recent Essays

Democracy as Spectacle: The Messianic Compulsions of our Republic

Americans do not need a Messiah because this nation is not Heaven on Earth.

Too Big to Ignore

Our military is off defending Afghanistan and Iraq from themselves while our Financial Titans are rescued to live another day of utterly neglecting the welfare of the Republic.

Gutshot in the Gulf: The Information Age Springs a Definitive Leak

This leak at the bottom of the sea is a mirror held up to our uncomprehending selves.

The Duma on the Potomac, for the Greater Glory of Government

The American Bolsheviks, on the other hand, are the mad-as-hell Tea Party with their sexpot Lenin Sarah Palin, fresh from cash-cow book tour and on a First Class Junket into Everyday Celebrity.

Need an Ark? Try your Hand

It is no wonder that we fallen mortals would drive a heavy spike through the opened hands of Christ, bloodily impaling him atop the rocky pate of Golgotha.

It’s the Land, Stupid

I'll take the old gal with a few well-earned wrinkles that fit soft and snug like a favorite glove. It's the land, stupid, and boy is she a thing of stunning beauty.

And the Jays Have it (Republican Bunning Hazards the Impolitic)

As one of literary bent and so frequently guilty of casting the charge of a Pox On Both Houses at our besotted political parties, I was impressed that at long last, at least one Republican stalwart stood tall and took a beating in the name of fiscal discipline.

The Big Idea

With friends like this, you can have a world full of enemies at your back and it don't matter because your friend is your fortress.

Washington, we have a Problem

We have for so long asserted that we are a force for good in the world and that our efforts are in the service of "democracy" that we can no longer see the irony of a nation refusing to call itself an empire when in possession of military bases around the globe and expending nearly half our annual tax receipts on war efforts without foreseeable end.

Ecce Homo: The Fleeting Treasure of a Mortal Life Within the Light that Envelops

Washington, CT. Puckish ad infinitum, I take it as my heathenish duty during this special time of year to preach at the choir boys...

Chesterton on a Desert Island

In Greenwich at Rush Hour and thinking Kauffman's suggestion to go see Father Boyd speak his wisdom on Chesterton a good one, I reluctantly...

Imitation and the Art of Flattery: the Cold War of the Imagination

Washington, Connecticut. At the end of his introduction to a re-publication of the Marquis de Custine’s "Empire of the Czar, A Journey Through Eternal...