John Medaille

John Médaille is the author of Toward a Truly Free Market: A Distributist Perspective and The Vocation of Business: Social Justice in the Marketplace. He is also the editor of Economia Libertăţii: Renaşterea României Profunde (in Romanian.) Retired from a long career in business, he is now an Instructor in Theology at the University of Dallas and a columnist at The Remnant Newspaper.

John is available to speak on the following topics:

  • The relationship of economics and justice.
  • Benedict on Business, or, What’s Love Got to Do With It?
  • Banking and Usury: A Distributist Response
  • Usury: Wealth Without Work
  • Equity and Equilibrium: Why Distributive Justice is Necessary for Economic Order
  • Benedict XVI and the Principle of Gratuitousness
  • Also available for talks on war, marriage, abortion and other topics at your request.

If you would like to bring John to speak at your event, please e-mail