Russell Arben Fox

Russell Arben Fox is a professor of political science and director of the political science program at Friends University, a small Christian liberal arts college in Wichita, KS. He has lived in Wichita since 2006, after teaching at schools in Washington DC, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Illinois. His wife Melissa and his four daughters (Megan, Caitlyn, Alison, and Kristen) are grateful that their itinerant lifestyle has come to an end.

Russell received a BA and MA from Brigham Young University in Political Science and International Area Studies respectively, and a PhD from Catholic University of America in Politics, with concentrations in Political Philosophy and World Politics. Since that time, he has expanded his teaching and research interests beyond political theory to American and constitutional politics and history, Christian and Mormon theology, non-Western (and specifically Confucian) comparative political philosophy, educational theory, German Counter-Enlightenment and Romantic philosophy, cultural criticism, political ideologies, radical political and economic movements, and more. He has published articles in The Review of Politics, Polity, The Responsive Community, American Behavioral Scientist, Theory and Research in Education, and Philosophy East and West. He has also published several book chapters and reviews. He is currently the book review editor for Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought.

Russell enjoys riding his bike to work, talking with friends about simplicity, 70s music, and decentralized democratic socialism, as well as tilling, planting, and harvesting (but not weeding; he could pass on that) tomatoes in the family garden. His greatest aspiration is to pay off all his credit card and student loan debts, and afford to travel with Melissa back to Germany for a long vacation. His greatest hope is that medical technology will soon make it possible for people to continue to work productively and travel globally when over the age of 90, since it’ll probably take a good half-century before either of his two aforementioned greatest aspirations come to pass.

Russell is prepared to speak on the following topics:

  • Socialism/anarchism/localism
  • Communitarianism/liberalism
  • Community-based and intentional economics
  • Christian and Mormon economic and community movements
  • Federalists and Anti-Federalists
  • Populism and progressivism

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