Susan McWilliams

Susan McWilliams is assistant professor of politics at Pomona College, where she received the Wig Distinguished Professor Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2009. At Pomona, her courses include “American Democracy in Theory and Practice,” “Dangerous Books,” and “Politics and Literature.” McWilliams has recently completed a book manuscript about the travel-story tradition in Western political thought, and she is working on a volume that explores the political imagination of James Baldwin. She received her BA in Russian and political science from Amherst College and her MA and PhD in politics from Princeton University. Her work has been published in journals including The Boston Review,The City, Commonweal, PS: Political Science and Politics, and Perspectives on Political Science. McWilliams is a contributing editor at Front Porch Republic.

Susan is available to speak on the following topics:

  • Hook-Up Culture and American Culture
  • The Problem of Place in America

If you would like to bring Susan to speak at your event, please e-mail