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Unbidden Beauty

The urbane  residents of New York City like to appear austerely bored at their hometown's famous sites: the Empire State Building is an overrated...

Sitting Inside a Mountain

Breaking free from the voices, soundtrack, machinery, and plastic of consumption and advertising gives an individual the opportunity to consider questions and ideas that the world outside St. Raymond’s continually beats into the ground.

The Beauty of Tolkien’s Quest

Tolkien understands the deepest of our longings and makes us understand them better than before.

Women, The Cosmos, and Cosmetics

I still do not understand why, in a prison and particularly in a jungle prison, where needs multiply like rats, why the need for lipstick should vault to the top of the list. Still, I am convinced that a habit which seems so trivial (to men at least) but which is so universal must have some deeper meaning, must indeed be connected to the cosmos.

Books and the Hungry Soul

Beautifully and substantially-made books suggest something that deserve to be pored over at length, just as one lingers with friends after a wonderful meal.

Beauty and Other Transcendentals

Devon, PA.  The penultimate installment of "Art and Beauty against the Politicized Aesthetic" has now appeared at First Principles.  In Part V, I had...

Bourgeois Beauty and Bourgeois Relativism

Devon, PA.  For those FPR readers interested in keeping up with my ongoing series, Art and Beauty against the Politicized Aesthetic, the third and...

Conservatism as Literary Movement

Devon, PA.  Last month, I alerted FPR readers to the appearance of the first part of my essay, "Art and Beauty against the Politicized...

The Recovery of American Beauty

Holland, MI The present age remains haunted by the specter of “atheism,” with significant consequences for our understanding of politics. I think we can...

Art and Beauty against the Politicized Aesthetic

Devon, PA.  During the next few months, I shall be writing on the centrality of beauty and art to a flourishing human life in...